Taking the Singletrack Sampler Down the Most Awkward Trail in Orange County

Taking the Singletrack Sampler Down the Most Awkward Trail in Orange County

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It received about 4138 and lasts about 12:8 minutes.

Alex from the Singletrack Sampler is in town, and I decided to show him one of my personal favorite trails, Chiquita in the Cleveland National Forest! This trail is the perfect combo of tech moves and awkward fun flow that makes for a super rowdy time! Hopefully he liked it!

The trails:
(Lower Chiquita)
(Upper Chiquita)
(Viejo Tie)

Alex’s Channel:

Our first collab video with Alex:

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  1. Mo, Yes, I "like this stuff" at 7:48 !! NOT boring!! (i.e. Slow speed tech climbing/descending). Long before YouTube (and my lower heart rate, slower reaction time, detached retina, and weaker knees), I would thrive on trails like that (pumped up versions of New San Juan before Cocktail Rock) because they compel you to dig deep for energy to keep the cranks turning, look ahead, read the terrain, breathe deep, react fast, and forget about the miracles you just cleaned… they provide major challenges and rewards– you feel very much ALIVE during and after them! Now I only get to enjoy other guys like you and Brian posting "this stuff", otherwise I go ride "this stuff" with some ePower. Also hats off to you, Hannah and Alex for doing so well riding "this stuff" for all to see and embrace! The best I did there lately was my ride up from the bottom of San Juan to Blue Jay then ride down San Juan in a 5 Parts playlist:

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