MTB Trail Riding Safe? Mountain Bikes can be dangerous

MTB Trail Riding Safe? Mountain Bikes can be dangerous

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Is it safe to ride a mountain bike? More specifically, is it safe to ride a mountain bike on a mountain bike trail? It seems like it is only a matter of time before someone that rides regularly gets injured. Personally, I’m dealing with a shoulder injury from October that is keeping me off the trails for the moment.

Last week I asked if you had been injured on a bike, and if so to share the details. I didn’t expect the response! Not only have many of you been injured, but some of the injuries were serious, and many left scars, deformities, or ongoing chronic pain and/or other issues.

I went years without a crash on the trails, mostly out of an abundance of caution, but recently I have had multiple crashes and a few small injuries. This leads me to believe the threshold for safety is a very fine line, and I will be more cautious in the future. Especially around trails that have rock gardens or lots of roots.

Share your opinion. Is it safe to ride a MTB on trails?

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  1. I thought cracking a tooth while falling all my bike onto a curb was bad….I mean it was, but nothing compared to all of these. Wow. It does seem like a lot of the people who added comments do wear it as a badge of honor. They usually end it with a laugh, it was worth it or they can't wait to get back out there.

  2. As a 65 y/o guy I can tell you all of the injuries you suffer today will come back to bite you when you get old. I blew out both of my knees (ACL) playing basketball when I was 35. I need two replacements now. I can also tell you that if I go down on a mountain bike now Life Flight better be close by because I'm sure it won't be pretty. Get better soon Kevin and everyone else listed here.

  3. I am a newbie to mtbing, having started out early 2018, so far so good, i have had a bunch of crashes but none of them serious. I ride mostly on blue downhill trails, and i only do features once i know i have enough skill to not crash severely. I wear a fullface for added protection, too many close calls with trees. MTBing might be dangerous, but its an exercise that is really easy to do, since its just fun, more fun than staying at home. So if risking a broken bone or two is what it takes for me to do regular exercise, and so improve my lifespan and my life quality, so be it. I will take the thorny bush i landed on after a botched drop or whatever bone i might eventually break over dying at 60 from heart failure any day.

  4. When I was a kid i use to ride my bike as fast as i could down a hill. One day i slid on a patch of sand at the bottom off that hill which caused my bike to veer off course into a chain link fence which sent me and my bike flying towards my friends house. Me and my bike collided with house leaving large impact craters in the wall. No one was home at the time and i never told them that i was the one who damaged their house. It really hurt but i got a way with a few bruises no serious injuries.

  5. is mountain biking dangeous? yeah. safer than road riding any more though cause at least you dont have dumba$$es literally running you off the road and laughing whilst they do it… happens often to me. or grabbing your helmet as they pass, laughing… ditto. or plowing straight into you when you are a little kid whilst riding ON THE SIDEWALK causing a permanent spine injury… yup. i would rather ride offroad but cannot due to that last one.

  6. I just love to ride fast, but I know my limits. I'm 41, but keep up with most teens and 20 somethings… at least on the downhills. Luckily (knocking on wood as I type) I've not had any horrible injuries other than a huge concussion when I was in 6th grade while attempting a backflip on my backyard jump. I have landed many since then, but I'll never forget that impact! It also scraped one whole side of my face, and I looked like two face for about 2 weeks.

  7. Get hit on a road bike and get killed
    Fall off ur mountain bike and it's very often your fault

    I injured my skull when I was 9/10 years old and still to this day cant get the slightest tip in the back of my head
    And if I do it's incredibly painful

  8. 3 weeks ago I was riding our local MTB trails in Trevallyn, I hit a rock, went over the bars, got a posterrior dislocation of my right shoulder, cracked a rib and a massive corked right hamstring. It's not a matter of if, it's when….Recovery has been good, shoulder is 90%, ribs a little tender but better than week 1.

  9. The more experienced I get and the more risky I get with obstacles the more protection gear I wear. I've worn a helmet and gloves of course forever, but recently upgraded to a set of knee pads and will probably get more from there as I get better and better.

    Going along with the stories of injuries. I took some friends out mtbing years ago for their first time. On the way back to the car there was a rock garden about 3 miles from the car and one of them ate it hard and broke his collar bone. He decided instead of walking back to the car he was going to walk down to the lake and flag a boat down to take him to the hospital. (No cell service where we were at) He ended up catching a boat out and we walked with his bike back to the car.

  10. I have hit a kangaroo riding a trail downhill he came up beside me and knocked my front wheel we both fell,he hopped away while I had injured my shoulder. Mind you this has happened to me on 2 occasions I’m waiting on a third.

  11. The extreme nature of mountain biking is evident in downhill and its to entice the thrill seekers. I raced XC for years and have seen the benefits of actual SPORT. The industry pushed the whole downhill idea on the public when in reality THOSE GUYS WERE PROFESSIONAL STUNTMEN. Road bikers worldwide risk DEATH, and in America its the worst place to actually engage in riding a bike on the street in traffic. If you have been around long enough then you realize STUNT RIDING is where it almost always GOES WRONG. Great topic to discuss but it falls on deaf ears for young people that dont understand PHYSICS and the human body.

  12. I know the odds of injury are greater when riding a MTB on a trail, or dirt bike or Ninja etc. etc.,, BUT,, life in general is dangerous. I'd rather "live" life then be scared of life. That's just my take. I'm 57 and ride dirt bikes, MTBs and crotch rockets, I'm cautious but I have fun. Life is just too short to stress the what-if's. BTW: Broken ribs twice, collar bone once and arm once, plus numerous strains and twists but in general I'm still in good health. I'm Just lucky I guess.

  13. Just 2 days ago i was riding with 2 friends at night when 2 dorks came along with no lights, avoided them last moment and hit the sidewalk. Ended op with one big tear on my wrist, just shy of the veins so I'm really lucky. Ended op with 6 stitches! Yes biking can be dangerous but so is driving a car. I think you don't need to be scared. Sometimes a little fear is good, but don't let it stop you from riding. Best to all of you dudes!

  14. I don't have to prove anything to anyone. I take my time and ride only on paved bike paths. I've never had an accident. I work at the local hospital. I much prefer to be getting paid at the hospital instead of being in one of the beds.

  15. Can you do a video on the best entry level bike for around $750? You do a lot of reviews on bikes which I appreciate. I'm interested in a slightly higher price category I'd appreciate it. Thank you

  16. I'll be honest, I've always strayed away from trail riding simply out of fear of an injury. I've never been severely injured on the bike, the worst was when I caught a pickup truck's wing mirror to the arm during my nighttime commute. Didn't break anything, didn't tear anything, but both the initial hit and the subsequent crash off the side of the road hurt like hell, but even that crash is enough for me to stay away from anything that's likely for me to crash. Road riding is much more predictable so long as you're not dealing with idiotic drivers.

  17. Life is a risk man. but yes the sport can be dangerous but you have to know your self to know when to push it (like the guy nigth riding blind on a jump trail,you had it coming)..ride smart=ride safe

  18. Last summer I crashed at a dh park on the last run of the day an easy green run. I had severe pain in my shoulder to which I sat for 10 mins until I could get up and wheel with one arm on the bars back to the main area of the park. I ignored it couldn't move my arm much for a month and a half still to this day not sure if I broke it…. good thing it healed! 😀

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