HOW TO RIDE ON ROCKY TERRAIN // Mountain Bike Advice

HOW TO RIDE ON ROCKY TERRAIN // Mountain Bike Advice

One of the latest best videos for keyword “”mountain biking”.
It received about 577 and lasts about 5:11 minutes.

Riding on rocky baby heads and chunk is unavoidable. Here’s a few tips to better, and maybe even embrace it. Cheers!

Location: Gateway Trailhead, North Scottsdale, Arizona USA
Gear: 2016 Intense Spider FS
Camera(s): GoPro 5 Black, GoPro 7 Black,
Drone: DJI Spark
Rider: 186 pound old person

View video by Mountain Bike Advice below, or at its original web page

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  1. On busy trails you might want to get a mountain bike bell. Ok, you sound a bit like a cow wandering down the trail but at least people know you're coming, it's considerate. And maybe it will drown out the voices in your head :).

  2. Bonus tip: If you are riding while keeping the pedals parallel to the ground, drop your heels below the spindle height with the angle increasing proportionately to the gnar coefficient.
    One advantage is that the bumps will naturally move you rearward as you crush them instead of the braking forces of hitting the rocks moving you forward with the impacts. Small but huge difference.

    Love the outwardly internal commentary
    ( I'm a subscriber)

  3. Good video and advice learning to ride on chunky stuff is something a lot of people avoid. There are only so many smooth flowy trails and you miss out on so many good places to ride if you won’t learn to do this.

  4. Haha, you bet your arse I'd give a nut to be there! Looks beautiful, but I can definitely understand that if you have a job you need to get to, you may not want to completely send it over that stuff for fear of how bad a fall could be. Saying that, as long as you take it steady, and as you said look ahead and let the bike move under you, you'll be fine. Although that's a lot of people to have to avoid! Another great video man.

  5. The first time I heard the term Babyhead was B1ker I love that term. LMAO “lets stand in the middle of the trail”. I’m a trooper I guess and get out there when it’s snowy and wet!?

  6. Enjoy the conversation with yourself. Who wins arguments, lol? So, if the hikers are tourists, and it's tourist season, what's the bag limit? Just kidding, I hike often myself. Good trail etiquette displayed, your are quite the ambassador for mtb.

  7. What do women give….this can go in any direction! LoL!!! Those trails are busy!!! My goodness!! Perhaps it's everyone and their New Years Resolution? They'll be gone by February. HI KATIE!!!!

  8. That was a busy old trail and yes, chunks/rock gardens suck!
    Thanks for taking us along for the ride, I'll be sure to pass your regards onto Katie next time I'm passing the palace 🤙

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