3 Limitations Of A $300 Budget “Mountain Bike”. Would I Still Buy One?

3 Limitations Of A $300 Budget "Mountain Bike". Would I Still Buy One?

One of the latest best videos for keyword “”mountain biking”.
It received about 4992 and lasts about 8: minutes.

Here’s the presented, budget Mountain Bike + 3 others I would buy for my kid:
GT Palomar
Vitus Nucleus
Saracen Tufftrax
Trek Marlin

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  1. If your in the UK or Ireland an there is a Halfords near by, Carrera bikes have really good bikes ranging from 200-500€. I have the Carrera Vulcan (€450) and it is certainly trail worthy. If your looking for an even better bike, Voodoos have really nice bikes too. Slightly more expensive but come with Air Forks and better parts.

  2. I had a budget bike and the biggest issues I found were the Tourney deraileur spring was very weak as you stated. The fork was horrid as you mentioned, the crank flex was noticeable as you mentioned. The one thing that happened that wasn't pointed out, with the freehub the bearing location allows for bent axles.

    I still have that bike but the only thing still original is the frame. I learned the hard way and have not bought a cheap bike again. You might need to save up but its usually worth it.

  3. I think your a bit off with your wheel sizes, 27.5 (650B) is the industry std these days with the choice of 29ers for easier rolling on rough sirface but the cheapest of the cheap are still selling bikes with 26 inch wheels.

  4. Sounds like a dead fork to me. If you can trash it within a few rides that means a young boy will also destroy that fork within a year.
    A perfect example where a too cheap bike can end up costing you more money…

  5. Build bike yourself and you won't have to pay 300$ for such a shitty bike like in this video. My bike cost me less than 200 so far, and it has all Alivio components all around, including even the hubs of my wheels (the hubs are actually closer to Deore level). The only thing that is left is crankset (cranks+chainrings), but they will cost about 40$, so still all in all it would be cheaper than this one.

  6. SB i would suggest you look up budget bikes that are sold in philippines from taiwan
    And manufaturers like Trinx

    Those are better than botique and big brand budget bikes (giant, specialized,gt……)

  7. Hi Danny great YouTube videos on the MTB bikes and what upgrade you can do. What do you think if I buy a full Shimano alivio group set 3×8/9 on a 26" inch wheels on a retro style Claude butler MTB bike with a brushed aluminium alloy frame and 26" downhill wheels and brand new rockshox suspension plus Shimano br-m6000 hydraulic brakes as I'm going to replace every think on this old retro style Claude butler MTB bike with 26 inch wheels on it. Hope to hear from you soon please Danny as I like your YouTube videos and I have subscribed to your YouTube channel thanks from Mark in the UK England

  8. Hello Danny. I love what you do on your channel: there’s stuff for each level of riders. 👍
    Being a beginner myself, I find in your videos a lot of answers to my numerous questions.
    I recently bought a cube aim pro 29’’ that is qualified of commuter, but hope to upgrade it little by little as the budget allows it.
    Your videos about Shimano groups help me to clarify what could be good for such an entry level bike.
    First, lock on grips and flat pedals, the originals ones being sleeppery .
    Second, get rid of this tubes tires and convert to tubeless.
    Third, replace the coil spring fork by an air fork (you reviewed two that could fit my beginners needs)
    Fourth, not totally defined yet, but upgrade the transmission with SLX group.
    And maybe, upgrade to 180mm the 160mm hydraulic brakes, future will tell me for this one because i’ve not enough experience with this set up, may be it will be enough.

    Thank you for your enlightened opinions and keep up the good work! 😉

  9. Sickbiker what do you think about the canondale trail 7 this is what I am currently using I am considering moving up to something better and start joining some races. Is trail 7 good enough for joining races ?

  10. “We have 1 1/8 … thats means less precision, stiffness “ cross country 74kg rider talks abt these attributes in relation to a 300$ hardly-mtb bike. And u make it sound so important that i can perfectly imagine the target audience , being a clueless amateur purchasing his first bike, or bike for kids thinking like “300$ is as much as i want to sped but this bike doesnt have enough precision and stiffness, whqt if it breaks or my kid steers into an obstacle due to imprecision “

  11. You just reviewed my bicycle I bought last year. Mine is Green though. Rode it for about a month, then one day the chain decided to jump over the Megarange gear dropping into the axle and destroyed my derailleur when it caught the spokes…talk about a screeching halt! OMFG Replacement derailleur is only 18 bucks tho, so no great loss. Note to self: tweak those hi/lo limit screws ;=)) m/m/ Rock ON!

    Thank GOD I wasn't in traffic whehn it happened, I was in a huge parking lot : ))

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