Strava is down – and some people are wondering if their bike rides happened today


The acronym POIDH – “pictures or it didn’t happen” – has been used in online discussions for a number of years now to express doubt about the veracity of another user’s statement, and in a similar vein Strava users have joked about whether a bike ride can have really taken place if it hasn’t been uploaded to the social network for athletes.

Today, some Strava users who have experienced problems uploading their latest activities, apparently due to an outage, have taken to social media to question whether their rides took place if they can’t post them.

The posts, a selection of which appear below, are (hopefully) tongue in cheek, although we have in the past highlighted how for some, Strava can be highly addictive..

Strava acknowledged that it was working to fix an issue that was affecting some users and posted a link to an article on its website outlining the issues it was aware of..

We’d guess that most Strava users have at some point experienced a situation where all or part of a ride turns out not to have been recorded, which can lead to disappointment, anger or even anxiety – similar feelings, perhaps, to what psychologists have termed ‘nomophobia’, said to be experienced by some mobile phone owners when for whatever reason they don’t have access to their device or network.

Still,,some users were able to upload their rides today – including this one from Belfast in which a close pass led to an unexpected bonus for the rider.

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